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2018 September 1-30 Eco Marine Adventure Cleanup – Dive! 2018年9月1-30日Eco Marine海洋生態歷險清理活動 - 潛水篇!



RECRUITING DIVE TEAMS NOW – please email if you are interested.

The Eco Marine Adventure Cleanup event series aims to connect adventure sports, nature appreciation, and action on marine waste. Each adventure cleanup event combines a healthy and fun adventure sport, an ecological activity or challenge, and a coastline or in water cleanup. We target to engage diverse sports communities in the conversation about waste and challenge them to identify opportunities in their sport to tackle the waste problem at source.

We will be hosting an adventure cleanup diving month from 1 to 30 September 2018. We are currently recruiting dive clubs to each participate with groups of 10 to 20 divers for this meaningful activity. Eco Marine will subsidize dive clubs HK$200 for each participating diver to help cover costs for this activity. We have budget for up to 100 divers on this activity. Eco Marine will provide a training/Q&A session for dive club leaders. Dive clubs will be responsible to organize and manage their own dives. We recommend that participating divers have minimum PADI AOW or equivalent qualification.

Dive 1: Nature Appreciation Dive
The dive club will work together with all of its participating divers to conduct a simple ecological survey of the dive site, with the objective to create a dive site drawing/artwork and photo album showing the following:

  • Site location
  • Approximate depths
  • Ecosystem – coral reef, rocky reef, mangroves, sand
  • Dominant substrates – sand, coral, seagrass, rock, etc.
  • Species encountered

Participants will use their skills and creativity to complete the above. The end product can be scientific, accurate, exaggerated, to scale, not to scale, artistic, creative, or some or all of the above. The objective is not to make a scientifically accurate map but for participants to notice and appreciate the ecological diversity and value of the dive site and to create something that is informative, fun, creative and unique to share with others.

Dive 2: Rubbish Challenge
Dive teams will work together to perform a cleanup dive. Participants should follow the cleanup protocol as briefed by their dive leader (dive leaders will attend a training/Q&A session with Eco Marine). The cleanup protocol will follow a simplified version of the Project Aware Dive Against Debris Protocol. This activity can serve as a good introduction to divers that may be interested to take the PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Course in the future. Participants will weigh the trash collected and take note and photograph:

  • Most common type of rubbish found
  • Most interesting item of rubbish and why
  • Most dangerous item of rubbish and why

Tackle and Source Solution:
What can the dive club do to tackle the marine waste and pollution at source? Agree with the team on what this is and incorporate into your dive team protocol/routine.

Artwork, photographs and cleanup report will be provided to Eco Marine for sharing by 7 October 2018. We will host a casual happy hour and sharing session for participants in mid October where prizes will be awarded for:

  1. Best Dive Site Artwork
  2. Most Rubbish Collected (by weight)
  3. Best Photo related to Rubbish Challenge Dive
  4. Best Photo related to Nature Appreciation Dive
  5. Best Tackle at Source Solution

2018年9月1-30日Eco Marine海洋生態歷險清理活動 - 潛水篇!


Eco Marine 的海洋生態歷險清理活動系列結合歷險運動,大自然的欣賞和海洋清理行動。我們的目標是讓多元化的體育社群參與有關垃圾堆的對話,並鼓勵各群體重中發現各運動當中從源頭減廢的機會。

我們將於2018年9月1日至30日舉辦海洋生態歷險清理潛水月。我們目前正在招募潛水團體,各帶領10到20名潛水員參加這項有意義的活動。 Eco Marine將資助潛水團體每名參與潛水員HK $ 200。我們最多會資助100名潛水員。 Eco Marine將為潛水團體的主辦人提供培訓/問答會。潛水團體將負責組織和管理他們自己的海洋生態歷險清理潛水活動。我們建議參與的潛水員具有最少PADI AOW或同等資格。


  • 潛點位置
  • 潛點的深度
  • 生態系統 - 珊瑚礁,岩石礁,紅樹林,沙子
  • 主要基底 - 沙子,珊瑚,海草,岩石等。
  • 物種


潛水團隊將一起進行潛水清理行動。參加者應按照他們團隊負責人的簡介遵循清潔活動(潛水團隊負責人將在活動前參加Eco Marine的培訓/問答會)。清理程序將遵循PADI Dive Against Debris的簡化版本。對PADI Dive Against Debris 課程有興趣的潛水員可用這次活動作為一個入門機會。參與者將收集到的垃圾磅重,然後記錄和拍攝以下:

  • 發現最常見的垃圾類型
  • 最有趣的垃圾和原因
  • 最危險的垃圾和原因


我們將於2018年10月7日前向Eco Marine提供藝術作品,照片和清理報告以供分享。我們將於10月中旬為參加者舉辦Happy Hour分享會,屆時將頒發以下獎品:

  1. 最佳潛水地點作品
  2. 收集最多垃圾的團體(按重量)
  3. 與清潔行動還擊相關的最佳照片
  4. 與從潛水中欣賞大自然環節相關的最佳照片
  5. 最佳源頭減廢方案