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Go Green! Ma Wan! Family Beach Cleanup

Eco Marine hosted a family friendly beach cleanup and beach art workshop on Sunday 22 July 2018 at Park Island in support of the Go Green! Ma Wan! campaign organized by Café Roma. See more photos in their facebook album.


LUSH Live Central 2018

LUSH Live Central took place May 12-13 and showcased organizations addressing animal protection, human rights, and environmental conservation in Hong Kong. Eco Marine focused on personal actions and highlighted various #1person1site projects. We brought to PMQ the #natureunnaturepile series for the ocean trash installation and led an ocean plastic upcycling art session which turned out whimsical and unique pieces of work by all who took part.


Naturepiles are temporary installations made in situ from found natural materials. They speak of the beauty of our surroundings, our relationship with nature and the passage of time. They serve as markings of special memories when out exploring and adventuring.      

In collaboration with Eco Marine, the nature/unnaturepile series was created to highlight the impact we have on the environment, especially through single use plastic in our lives. For this series, a naturepile is made alongside an unnaturepile of found ocean plastic waste. After documenting the two together in one location, the unnaturepile is removed with other collected plastic waste items from the clean up at that specific site.