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TransLantau X Eco Marine Shap Long Plog and Beach Cleanup
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TransLantau X Eco Marine Shap Long Plog and Beach Cleanup


Eco Marine and TransLantau are co-hosting a plog: hike-cleanup-hike/run on Saturday 16 November 2019 at Shap Long beach in South Lantau. Many of you will have walked/run past this beach on hikes and runs and may even have used it as a check point during a race. The beach is currently in a terrible state covered with manmade rubbish ranging from macro debris such as polystyrene containers, single use plastic cups, food wrappers, single use beverage bottles to micro debris like plastic filament, broken down polystyrene and the ever present preproduction plastic pellets. This beach, adjacent to a wetland, is home to local buffaloes, birds and other wildlife. We are looking for a large number of you to lend a helping hand and to enjoy a fun and meaningful morning with us.


Event Schedule:
9:00 am - Meet up point at Pui O Public Carpark. Hosts Keilem (Tel/Whatsapp 63920336) and Sabrina (Tel/Whatsapp 51938707) will be there.

9:00 to 9:10am – Eco Marine will provide an event rundown, a beach cleanup safety and how-to briefing, and distribute gloves and rubbish bags. If you have your own gloves and or other equipment, please feel free to bring. Some useful tools are tongs and gardening shears.

9:15 to 10:00am - We will hike together around 3km to Shap Long beach (easy walk but with some small ups and downs).

10:00 to 11:30am - We will work on beach cleanup—gathering up as much man made rubbish and debris as we can in the available time and will also collect and separate some recyclables.

Eco Marine’s Artist in Residence Salome Tam will be on site working on an in-situ land/rubbish art piece and anyone interested can join in to help. In Woven Ashore—a conversation with the wrack line, we examine the lasting impact on the environment of our everyday choices and consider how our lifetime compares to that of the plastic items we use. What shifts can be made? What can be given new life? What does it all mean in the scope of stewardship?

Water refill will be provided at the beach throughout the event. Note there is a public toilet at Shap Long and there is one informal shop nearby that may or may not be open.

11:30 to 11:45am - We will pack up and finish documenting the rubbish collected.

11:45 to 12:30pm – Picnic lunch. TransLantau will kindly provide a free plastic free packed lunch for all volunteers including a hummus sandwich and a cookie. In addition, all volunteers will also receive a reusable soft water flask from TransLantau.

12:30pm to 1:30pm – TransLantau guides will host a scenic hike/run to Mui Wo covering 4 to 6km depending on weather and energy levels of the group on the day. Participants can also choose to walk back to Pui O (same way they came).

What to wear:
Closed toe shoes suitable for hiking (no sandals or flip flops as the beach may have sharp dangerous items including broken glass, medical waste), comfortable clothes, hat.

What to bring:
Water (minimum 0.5 L in reusable container – Bonaqua bottle, Watsons bottle etc. don’t count as reusable). Additional snacks if you are the hungry type (try to minimize one use packaging). Octopus/coins for ferry and bus rides. Sun screen and insect repellent. Small umbrella for shade. Eco Marine will provide gloves and rubbish bags. If you have your own gloves and or other equipment, please feel free to bring. Some useful tools are tongs and gardening shears.

This is a free event but please feel free to bring some small bills for contribution to future Eco Marine public events.

Not allowed:
No flip flops or open sandals during cleanup. No single use plastic bottles or food containers/wrappers!

By joining this event, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the event leaders, the organizers and any other participants in the event from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising thereof. Volunteers joining the event are at their own choosing and at their own risk.

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